Headshot of a Warwickshire businessman

Why do we need headshots ?

Professional business photography is vital to project the right image of you and your staff. The first impression needs to be a good one. An image that makes you look approachable, friendly and professional. A photo that shows you have invested in your business , yourself and your staff – all this adds to someone’s confidence in working with you.


Photography for a personal brand

Photography for a personal brand is so much more than a headshot; it captures the character and heart of the person behind the brand and gives some answers to why they do what they do. Entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners and others who want magazine quality, personalized imagery to project themselves will choose to have a personal branding session.


A mother and son business

Here's what Tricia said : " Laurence was very friendly and helpful. The whole experience was great fun as we both felt very relaxed. He did what he said he would do and the quality of the photos was excellent. It was also fantastic value for money - thank you."
She added: "They are fab ! Thank you so much for doing the pics and being so engaging with Brad, he was not looking forward to it but you put us both at ease so thank you. I've had some lovely comments on the photos. "

good business headshot

How to take a business headshot yourself – part 1

Create your own business headshot.

Perhaps you have a new member of staff and need a quick photo for the website for now, before getting a professional photographer when you have more staff that need updated photos. Or you're just starting a business and can't justify the cost of a professional right now.

This is the first of a series of instructions showing you how to get a better business headshot yourself.