Commercial Photography

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The Parenting Project runs four Children's Centres and wanted images showing the wide range of services they provide, to promote the Centres, and for presentations to funding bodies.

I visited all the Children's Centres several times and coordinated with the staff and visitors to cover the varied classes, training, play sessions and activities, including sensitive topics. I also interviewed many parents and healthcare professionals, recording their comments, and created a promotional PhotoFilm that captures the essence of the Centres.

As well as the many images, I provided each Centre and the management team with a book full of images and quotes from parents and others - these are now proudly on display.

The Project Director said: "I've been really impressed with your photography skills. Thank you very much for your support. Would you come back next year as photographer in residence ?" (I did!)

A Centre manager added: "Thank you for everything you have done for the children's centres over the last couple of years. It has been great working with you and we're so pleased with what you have produced for us."